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The AIR Commission

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Reporting + Resources on the AIR Commission

On March 14th, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) released a series of deeply flawed proposals for reorganizing the nation’s largest and only publicly funded, fully integrated health care system. 

Rather than building back better at the VA-run Veterans Health Administration (VHA), VA Secretary Denis McDonough’s blueprint embraces, rather than rejects, further outsourcing of care for more than nine million veterans, and proposes VHA downsizing that will dramatically accelerate that trend. These proposals will soon be evaluated by the VA's Asset and Infrastructure Review (AIR) Commission. VHPI is focusing on evaluating and investigating the commission's work and on the panel's recommendations. In addition to our fact sheets, above, we present our most recent reporting and analysis on the topic.

Biden's VA Secretary Proposes Shutting Down Dozens of Facilities

The Future of Veterans' Healthcare Hangs in the Balance

VHPI Analysis of AIR's Impact on New York's Metro Market

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