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VHPI's Guide to VA


The guide is an easy-to-reference resource for lawmakers, journalists, and the public. It provides the basics needed to accurately draft policy, report on, and broadly understand veterans’ specific health conditions, as well as important context about how and why veterans’ care is delivered. 

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What’s Inside:

  • The Veteran Patient: A profile on common conditions, illnesses, and needs

  • Information on toxic exposure and VA eligibility via the PACT Act

  • Analysis of the Choice Program and the VA MISSION Act

  • Dozens of links to helpful research, data, and programs

  • A primer on who is eligible for VA health care

  • PTSD and its treatment, explained

  • A tour of available care for women veterans

  • A breakdown of programs that address veterans' homelessness, legal issues, addiction, and joblessness

  • Information on end-of-life care, Military Sexual Trauma, and other veterans-specific care areas

  • Descriptions of how the Veterans Health and Veterans Benefit Administrations function




On the Record Assistance

Need more information about a veterans’ health care policy, issue, or condition? Connect with a member of VHPI’s team. Email for on the record assistance.

VA Fact Sheets

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