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The Veterans Healthcare Policy Institute is a non-partisan think tank that empowers veterans and provides clear, fact-based information to decision-makers that leads to better healthcare outcomes for veterans.  VHPI  was founded by veterans and their caregivers, healthcare providers and professionals, and healthcare journalists in 2016.


Our LATEST work


April 17, 2022

VHPI Policy Analyst Suzanne Gordon unearths a series of fatal flaws inside a soon-to-meet infrastructure commission tasked with charting the department's footprint for the future. 

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March 21, 2022

VHPI Policy Analyst Suzanne Gordon reports on drastic new recommendations to shutter VA medical centers in rural and urban areas and eliminate much inpatient care elsewhere, including needed inpatient psychiatric beds. 


March 17, 2022

VHPI Policy Analyst Suzanne Gordon and Steve Early interrogate President Joe Biden's broken promises to veterans through the Asset and Infrastructure Review Commission. The two clearly show that the commission's work is in direct opposition to Biden's pledge to 'Build Back Better."

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