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The BLog:

VietnaM VETS ON the VA

Two Vietnam Veterans write why VA facilities are unlike anything in the private sector - and how a new program could undo that. Read More >>

Congressional Guide to Veterans’ Health Care

VHPI breaks down the complex world of veterans health care in a new guide. Get it here >>

Unreliable Sources

How corporate funders influenced mass media coverage of veterans’ healthcare. Read More >>


Our Work

The Veterans Healthcare Policy Institute is a non-partisan think tank that empowers veterans and provides clear, reliable information that leads to better healthcare outcomes for veterans.

Areas of Analysis

VHPI strives to produce content that can be used by a wide variety of stakeholders who engage in veterans' healthcare issues. Our areas of study are identified by our Advisory Board and Steering Committee while our Fellows and Staff provide the reading, writing, and research behind each individual piece of content.

What is Privatization?

For non-wonks, the idea of 'privatization' is nebulous at best. Our team examines how healthcare privatization and consolidation impacts healthcare outcomes and veterans' care - both at the Department of Veterans Affairs and in the private sector.

Policy Analysis

With so many stakeholders engaged in veterans' healthcare policy, it can be hard to get the full story behind what happens on Capitol Hill and within the federal bureaucracy. We dig into the details and ramifications of veterans' healthcare policy.

Mental Health & Veteran Suicide

How can we better provide mental health services and end the veteran suicide crisis? VHPI's fellows examine mental healthcare practices and look for solutions inside existing programs and innovative new care practices.

Performance Review

Veterans' healthcare is delivered by a web of organizations, providers, and healthcare professionals. VHPI profiles the people and programs behind delivery of critical care programs for America's veterans.


Elevating the voice of Veterans

Through thoughtful analysis and commentary we hope to make healthcare more accessible to America's veterans of the Armed Forces. We'll put veterans at the center of all our content, letting them, often in their own words, demonstrate how policy impacts the healthcare they receive.



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