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The Veterans Healthcare Policy Institute is a non-partisan think tank that empowers veterans and provides clear, fact-based information to decision-makers that leads to better healthcare outcomes for veterans.  VHPI  was founded by veterans and their caregivers, healthcare providers and professionals, and healthcare journalists in 2016.


Our LATEST work


November 18, 2021

VHPI policy analysts and outside experts discuss the VA's world-leading Telehealth infrastructure, and how privatization is hurting it.


October 27, 2021

VHPI Policy Analysts Suzanne Gordon and Jasper Craven offer a vigorous proposal on the best move to re-invigorate the VA: nominate a permanent Undersecretary of Health


October 13, 2021

VHPI Senior Policy Analyst Russell Lemle offers a mixed analysis on the VA's firearm policy and examines the power of messages co-signed by credible partners. 

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